Connor Hubeny

UX Designer and Frontend Developer at NBCUX Lab. Check out some things I've made on Codepen.

About Me

As a maker, I focus on learning practical skills and applying them creatively. I am motivated by fun and self-fulfillment, and believe the art of making should be celebrated, championed, and spread.

Read about and Arduino-powered musical instrument I built here, or learn how to make it on Musik Tech.

Brands I've worked with include Wall Street Journal Creative Studios, UBS, The New Yorker, British Airways, Webster Hall, Mana Contemporary, Partow.

Web Tech: HTML5, CSS3 (SCSS), Javascript (ES6), jQuery, PHP, WordPress, React, Liquid (Shopify), Bootstrap, Paper.js, GSAP, npm, Gulp, Git, Sublime
Other: Ableton, After Effects, Arduino IDE, Illustrator, inDesign, MaxMSP, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Sketch

Recent Projects

    Due to contractual obligations I cannot publically show much of my work. To see my full design and development portfolio, please reach out to me.

  • Mana Urban Arts Project

    Designed and developed a responsive custom Wordpress site for Mana Contemporary's street art initiative. All the content on the site is editable through custom fields and custom post types.

  • Why Does My Dog (Meme Generator)

    As well as developing the entire website with WordPress, I built a tool using Fabric.js to help build engagement with the audience. Dogs of WDMD allows users to upload an image of their dog, fill in various information and then save a share-able, branded image. This tool works on mobile as well.

  • Nutmeg Creative

    A responsive custom Wordpress site built for post-production house Nutmeg. All the content on the site is editable through custom fields and custom post types.

  • Krasdale Foods

    A responsive custom Wordpress site built with Bootstrap for Krasdale, a grocery distributor in the Metro New York area.

  • Palette Parrot

    A random color generator for designers seeking color inspiration I built for fun with Paper.js.

  • Check out my work on Codepen.