Connor Hubeny

Freelance front end developer. Check out some things I've made on Codepen.

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About Me

As a maker, I focus on learning practical skills and applying them creatively. I am motivated by fun and self-fulfillment, and believe the art of making should be celebrated, championed, and spread.

Read about and Arduino-powered musical instrument I built here, or learn how to make it on Musik Tech.

Web Tech: HTML5, CSS3 (SCSS), Javascript (ES6), jQuery, PHP, WordPress, Bootstrap, Paper.js, GSAP, npm, Gulp, Bitbucket, Sublime
Other: Ableton, After Effects, Arduino IDE, Final Cut, Illustrator, inDesign, MaxMSP, Photoshop.

Recent Projects

    Due to contractual obligations I cannot publically show much of my work. To see my private portfolio, please reach out to me.

  • Mana Urban Arts Project

    Designed and developed a responsive custom Wordpress site for Mana Contemporary's street art initiative. All the content on the site is editable through custom fields and custom post types.

  • Nutmeg Interactive

    Microsite aimed to highlight the work of the interactive department within Nutmeg Creative. Built using FullPage.js and GSAP.

  • Why Does My Dog (Meme Generator)

    As well as developing the entire website with WordPress, I built a tool using Fabric.js to help build engagement with the audience. Dogs of WDMD allows users to upload an image of their dog, fill in various information and then save a share-able, branded image. This tool works on mobile as well.

  • Krasdale Foods

    A responsive custom Wordpress site built with Bootstrap for Krasdale, a grocery distributor in the Metro New York area.

  • Palette Parrot

    A random color generator for designers seeking color inspiration I built for fun with Paper.js.

  • Check out my work on Codepen.